Brett is the Biggest Threat to your Winery... and we don't mean the Yeast!

How lack of employee training and safety protocols can damage your brand and bank account

Join us for a training session with industry experts and winemakers. Together, we'll explore strategies for implementing a comprehensive training program and safety protocols that empower your production team and protect your winery's integrity.

🗓️ Tuesday, May 30th, at 11 AM PT (Pacific Time - US and Canada)

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What We'll Cover:

Practical solutions, actionable takeaways, and the opportunity to connect with our winemaker panel.

  • Building a Culture of Excellence: Where to start with staff training and effective strategies for implementing a comprehensive program.
  • The Cost of Ignorance: Learn about the consequences of inadequate training, including compromised wine quality, and more.
  • Real-life Examples: Gain insights from winemakers and successful wineries implementing operational best practices.

About InnoVint

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